Scout’s Super Bowl story is a viral hit

A 7-year-old Golden Retriever named Scout and UW–Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine are already stealing the show in the run-up to the Super Bowl. Scout’s story, in the form of a 30-second commercial for WeatherTech, has already received an overwhelming reaction since it was first released on Tuesday.

Hibernating Squirrels and the Government Shutdown

Hannah Carey’s lab studies how hibernating squirrels slow their metabolisms to fall into their seasonal torpor — and then speed it back up to go about their squirrel lives during the warm months. Her work could help humans extreme in extreme conditions. But the trick to studying hibernation is that happens when it happens, and disrupting scheduled research for an unscheduled government shutdown — as Carey, a comparative bioscience professor, explains in Scientific American — could cost taxpayers the fruits of the science they’re funding.