Welcome to our website.  Use of animals in research is a longstanding practice, with both adherents and detractors.  Choice of perspective on this issue is up to each of us, but always should be informed by facts.

Stories about animal research are a good source of facts.  Under the heading “Animal Research in the News”, we link to press releases and published articles that connect animal experiments with outcomes, and give the sources of the story should you wish to find more information.  In “Animal Research Background” we provide you with links to additional information on the topic.

Animal research is practiced with multiple levels of oversight.  You can get an idea of just what this means for UW–Madison by looking at “UW Animal Research Links”  and “Federal Laws/Guidelines”.  We also provide you with names of press contacts for issues related to animal research at UW–Madison.

Finally, we acknowledge that ethical considerations must guide animal research. This is and will remain an important topic for this site.